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This was a good piece to read Adam.

An art teacher at college said

“give your self-doubt a name and give it a chair in your studio - you may as well, it will always be with you”

After losing my father, mother and a sister in quick succession I have tried to do the same with grief.

I comfort myself with the thought grief is the wage of deep love.

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I feel a sense if connection with you, lost my num 30 years ago, she was 72 suffered cancers ling road. Dad I lost in 2009, he was 87, he was my go to when I needed direction. Im in tears right now but glad u read your article. Take care

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Amen, Adam - well said. (By which I actually mean 'well written'). Grief is something that almost everyone carries, in one way or another. This was struck home to me recently, when I worked with a recently widowed woman who was the same age as my (late) mother. She was missing her husband, I was missing my mother... EVERYONE is missing someone.

Purely on that basis - if on no other - all of us should just default to being kind to each other, shouldn't we?

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Well played Adam

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Thank you for sharing this. I am glad the writing of it helped.

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Hope you are feeling better Adam. The grief will pass over time.

I remember you from Smithfield High School. Was pleasantly surprised to see someone from my grade make it in show biz.

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