Mar 12 • 18M

E1 S109 - Nikki Britton

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'Out of the Question with Adam Zwar' features in-depth interviews with the most interesting and accomplished people in entertainment, politics and sport. It's an update on the original '10 Questions with Adam Zwar'
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“I feel like I'm a very, very big energy in a world that wants you to be a little bit smaller.” - Nikki Britton.

This week’s guest on Out of the Question is the comedian Nikki Britton. Apart from her live work, you might have seen Nikki on Have You Being Paying Attention, The Project and How to Stay Married.

She’s returning to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her show, Getting Out in Front of It, from April 11. You can get tickets at the Festival website.

We had some tech difficulties in this chat, which I hope aren’t too obvious. I was stuck in a motel in Castlemaine, where I’m filming a TV show, and Nikki was in her car after doing some sort of fitness thing. Also, I had food poisoning. Which probably didn’t contribute to anything.

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