Aug 1, 2021 • 44M

S1E52: Mark Humphries

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'Out of the Question with Adam Zwar' features in-depth interviews with the most interesting and accomplished people in entertainment, politics and sport. It's an update on the original '10 Questions with Adam Zwar'
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You’d know Mark from his brilliantly observed sketches for The Roast on ABC 2, The Feed on SBS and most recently for 7.30 on ABC.

He’s also hosted the channel 10 quiz show, Pointless and, along with his co-writer Evan Williams, has written the book On Politics and Stuff.

Which is bloody funny.

I don’t want to generalise, but in comedy, people are generally scoundrels, but Mark’s one of the decent ones.

And sorry to completely embarrass him, but that decency shines through here.



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