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S1E84: Mandy Nolan

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This week has been a hell of a week for anyone living in the flood effected Northern Rivers region of NSW, so I thought it was appropriate to talk to author, comedian, and now Green’s candidate for Richmond in northern NSW, Mandy Nolan.

All week she’s been helping the rescue effort in the region, so I was lucky to get her on Zoom for a chat.

She’s one of the funniest comedians in Australia. She’s definitely Australia’s funniest non-celebrity comedian.

Anyone in the business knows that it’s foolish to immediately follow her on stage.

But becoming a household name has always eluded her.

We talk about that here. We also talk about growing up under the shadow of domestic violence and how her Dad dying meant her life could officially start. And we talk about how The Greens finally convinced her to run.

If you want to help out with victims of the Queensland and NSW floods, the Give List provides many options.



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