Apr 10 • 25M

S1E88: Nazeem Hussain

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'Out of the Question with Adam Zwar' features in-depth interviews with the most interesting and accomplished people in entertainment, politics and sport. It's an update on the original '10 Questions with Adam Zwar'
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The lawyer-turned-comedian and television creator, Nazeem Hussain.

If you’re anywhere near TikTok you’ll see that Nazeem’s sketch shows Legally Brown, which first screened on SBS, and Orange is the New Brown (Channel 7), have gained a whole new, obsessively loyal audience.

But Nazeem’s not thinking too much about creating any television right now.

He’s just become a father for a second time and his stand-up show, Hussain That? is currently playing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival before he takes it around Australia.

In this episode, we revisit a story Nazeem told me in 2015, in which he and his family narrowly escaped death.

We also talk about his problem with punctuality, and how former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, once sent him fun sized Snickers bars.

As usual, I start off by asking Nazeem, how he thinks his colleagues would describe him.



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